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fielogosmallThe Excursionismo, in addition to being a healthy sports practice of employment of the free time, allows pleasant moments of aggregation and socialization.
Since 1984, the F. I. E. has been distinguished by the figure competent and qualified by the Regional and National guide ( A. E. R. and A. E. N. F. I. E.), projected toward volunteering and within the same F. I. E. The FIE guides can lead groups of people , members F. I. E. , along paths of national and regional territory.
Thanks to the courses of the Federation, recognized throughout the national territory, the FIE guides acquire a complete preparation of general culture in all disciplines of geographic, historical, geological, botanical, astronomical interest, first first aid, the use of gps and they are in possession of insurance coverage.
This course, approved by the Commission FIÈ Responsible Guides, is composed of a useful number of hours of lesson and practice, for topics both from a theory and operational where security and efficiency provide a guarantee for best results in the accomplishment of the task of accompaniment hiking.
In 2013 the training course F. I. E. was recognized as valid and worthy with the award of “Walk Leader” WAS-EWV-FERP, together with that of the great European nations, France and Germany. A recognition for the dedication and commitment of all the guides that can bear the distinctive with the European logo.